The DD “You are my Sunshine” necklace.

On the left side near the wearer’s heart I have placed the semi-precious carnelian bead.  The carnelian crystal is said to protect and promote well-being aka “Sunshine”. On the back of this bead is the cottonwood tree star.  The cottonwood tree star naturally forms in the twigs of the cottonwood tree star. Storms and wind bring those little stars to the ground. I collect the twigs and harvest the stars for my Suzy Starz jewelry I create.  I love the Native American Legend of how the star came to be in the cottonwood tree.  “The little curious star longed to be near the people here on earth to be close to their laughter, their beautiful music and to hear the kind words they say to one another.”   Each necklace I package with a summary of this legend.

The round charm is a smiling Sunshine about 1 inch in diameter close to the size of US Quarter coin and on the back it is inscribed with “You are my Sunshine My Only Sunshine”

The You are my Sunshine is silver tone over brass 17" to 20" chain 

My Suzy Starz motto “Gifts that whisper to the heart and make it smile.”

With your $20 purchase of a “You are my Sunshine” necklace you can designate a “Heart Smile” to honor someone who has been your Sunshine.

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Suzy Starz has partnered with the American Heart Association of North Dakota to donate $10 of the proceeds of each “You are My Sunshine” necklaces along with your designated “Heart Smile” and will present them at the Go Red for Women Ladies Night Out on November 21 6 PM at Sixteen03 Main Events




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