The Cure for the Winter Blahs....The Best, The Easiest Chicken Soup SOS VLog Episode 11

Suzy’s Ugly Tasty Chicken Soup

8 cups

1/2 onion

6 carrots

The ugliest part of Celery

4 cloves garlic

1tblps parsley

1 tsp pepper

2 sprigs thyme

1 chicken thigh for each person (4 thighs used in video)

2 bay leaves

32 low sodium chicken broth

1 can petite low sodium tomatoes

Throw everything into a pot, do not bother cutting or peeling

Cook 2- 3 hour or till chicken falls of bone

Than add barley, noodles etc watch Episode 12 to see how to make homemade noodles. 

Sharon’s Pretty Chicken Soup

Start with a roasted chicken or carcass you have made a broth with. You need 2 quarts of broth

Chop up: Celery, Peeled snack Carrots, Onion

Peel and chopped 2 cloves garlic & minced

Put all veggies in pot, drizzle olive oil, add salt and pepper. Sauté or as Sharon’s says sweat them out than add

Paprika, basil, truffle and rosemary sea salt.

Chop more carrots add to other veggies

Cook 6 to 10 minutes than add 2 quarts of chicken broth. Cook 2 to 3 hours.

Than see Episode 12 for noodles.

Sharon used Sabatino Truffle & Rosemary Sea Salt

SabTaino Truffle & Rosemary sea salt