This necklace is named after Mary Louise Defender Wilson who tells the legend of the cottonwood tree star. 

Featuring the North Dakota State Bison Quarter in a silver tone tray about 1.5 inches in diameter. (about the size of a 50 cent piece)

The lacy look  silver tone brass chain is 27" to 30' long with the silver nickel based extender.

Choose between the handmade clay bead with the cottonwood tree star or the semi-precious bead with the cottonwood tree star

Choose buffalo and feather charm or USA or no charm.

Each necklace is packaged with this summary:

 "This little Star of mine is gonna shine" Share the Native American story as told by North Dakota Mary Louise Defender Wilson about a curious little star that hid in a cottonwood tree so it could always be near the people on earth and listen to their beautiful music, their laughter and the kind words they say to one another. These little "starz", which have fallen from the sky and landed beneath Suzy's cottonwood tree have been placed so they can be near your heart and continue to live on in these little gems sharing their little light no longer hidden in the tree but for all to see. (No trees were harmed in making this jewelry; the branches were naturally shed by the tree)

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