You are my Sunshine A Tale of Two Sisters
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When Grey Skies or Storms come, look for the Sunshine

Over 30 years ago my sister DD and I along with our husbands were camping at  Sweet Briar Lake. In the evening we sat in a shelter alongside our canvass tent laughing, talking, and having fun playing board games. Getting late we leave the games stacked up on a table and head to the tent. Both of us being around 7 months pregnant sleeping on the ground is no easy feat.

We had not been in the tent very long than it hit, the storm. The wind picked up, beating on the sides of tent, whipping and swirling around us. The rain starts pouring into the tent. Time to evacuate to our big boat of a late 60’s car, a big Ford or Plymouth 4 door with a vinyl black top awaited us just beyond the L-shaped picnic shelter. The last of us exits the tent, the poles twist and the tent is flattened to the ground. We scurried more like waddled to the car. I jumped in the back seat. Looking out it looks like a fourth of July fireworks display with lightening dancing all around. Is that a funnel cloud? We cannot make out much in the pitch blackness of the storm. To calm myself I take my camera and focus to capture the lightening on film, back then you are pretty much shooting in the dark, not knowing if you are taking a photo of black or light, you have to wait till the film is developed to see if you captured a image not like today with digital confirming you got it. Not getting much sleep, the Sunshine arrives. We look out over the lake, debris, a tent or camper is floating in the water. We weathered the storm, I can’t remember if the board games survived but both my sister and I still carried our precious cargo.   

SuzyB photo from that stormy night at Sweet Briar Lake.

As sisters we have shared many storms and many times of Sunshine. One of my favorite memories of Sunshine was about two months after that storm when DD gave birth to her youngest child, September 19 and two days later, September 21, I gave birth to my first born. DD although she was my “little” (youngest) sister having two other children; she had this mother thing down. She was so helpful and reassuring for the new mother jitters I was feeling. We shared the same hospital room at  CHI St. Alexius Health, just by the blessing of the births happening so close to the same time. In the photo below, DD is holding Maria who is now a mother. Maria’s first born child, Serenity through a whimsical conversation I had with her inspired me to design and create my  Suzy Starz jewelry. The Sunshine has been passed to the next generations. 10 years later on September 19 I gave birth to my youngest child. Do you see a pattern here? Nature at it's best. 

SuzyB and DD sharing the same hospital room at CHI St. Alexius Health, sisters giving birth two days apart. 

As being the older sister I have desired to protect my “little” DD but with some storms you get Sunshine sooner and other storms are just messy and seem like the sun will not shine again. I remember singing  “You are my Sunshine” when we were little, I love the song. Perfect inspiration to design a necklace for a Sunshine in my life. Now we are Grandmas; DD and I have other grey skies, storms of health, technology storms, and real storms yet we find bright Sunshine kind of days to share.

While contemplating writing this blog and the design of the DD “You are my Sunshine” necklace, I stopped by another sister’s home and she had just hung this wall art.

She told me it is what her husband has sung to the grandchildren. Wow, we sisters think alike. 

So to honor my “little” sister I have created the DD “You are my Sunshine” necklace.

You are My Sunshine Necklace                  You are my Sunshine necklace Cottonwood tree Star

On the left side near the wearer’s heart I have placed the semi-precious carnelian bead. The carnelian crystal is said to protect and promote well-being aka “ Sunshine”. On the back of this bead is the cottonwood tree star. The cottonwood tree star naturally forms in the twigs of the cottonwood tree star. Storms and wind bring those little stars to the ground. I collect the twigs and harvest the stars for my Suzy Starz jewelry I create.  I love the Native American Legend of how the star came to be in the cottonwood tree. “The little curious star longed to be near the people here on earth to be close to their laughter, their beautiful music and to hear the kind words they say to one another.” Each necklace I package with a summary of this legend.

The round charm is a smiling Sunshine and on the back it is inscribed with  “You are my Sunshine My Only Sunshine”

You are my Sunshine NecklaceHas there been a Sunshine in your life you would like to honor?

My Suzy Starz motto “Gifts that whisper to the heart and make it smile.”

With your $20 purchase of a  “You are my Sunshine” necklace you can designate a “Heart Smile” to honor someone who has been your Sunshine.

This is the heart smile with your loved ones' name or initials.

Suzy Starz has partnered with the American Heart Association of North Dakota to donate $10 of the proceeds of each  “You are My Sunshine” necklaces along with your designated “Heart Smile”. The  You are My Sunshine Necklace is shipped out  when you place your order.  Suzy Starz will present the Heart Smile along with the donations collected at the Go Red for Women Ladies Night Out on November 21 6 PM at Sixteen03 Main Events


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