What would you do if you weren't afraid?  Fearless

What would you do if you weren't afraid?  Sometimes it is the first we are afraid of.  Afraid to take the first step, the first leap.

During the first concert at the North Dakota Heritage Center's Prairie Amphitheater on Saturday June 7 Kat Perkins stated it was because of a "first" for her, singing in an airport in Amsterdam that the Voice contacted her to audition.

Having her perform the first concert at the North Dakota Heritage Center's Prairie Amphitheater was inspiring to so many fans who brought their lawn chairs, their wheel chairs and blankets to come and listen to her beautiful music.

Kat Perkins photo by SuzyB

ND Legendary

Kat Perkins performed at the debut of a North Dakota first our newly remodeled North Dakota Heritage Center's Prairie Amphitheater.  The Prairie Amphitheater provides a beautiful venue where the view is one where the blue sky and fluffy white clouds look like they meet the earth just like out on the prairie. North Dakota is where the sky meets the earth. 

 North Dakota where the sky meets the earth

Kat Perkins Beautiful Music

The first time I heard Kat Perkins sing was in August 2013 at the Mandan Wild West Grill Fest

Suzy Shuze n Starz had a vendor booth 

Suzy Shuze n Starz booth at the Manda Wild West GrillFest

and when I heard Kat Perkins voice there was no leaving, her voice was phenomenal and powerful. Truly beautiful music.

Kat has spoke at many schools throughout North Dakota.  Her love for children shines through.  Her message to children has been "be kind to one another."  A great message for adults too. 

After the concert she hung out with her fans.  My brother stood in line and had her autograph a CD. He presented me with this awesome Birthday gift.  

Kat Perkins Autograph

I was thrilled to receive an autographed Fearless CD than I opened the card and she had autographed that too.

Wow! such a great gift to receive her beautiful music.  Thank you! to Kat Perkins for giving of herself to North Dakota and sharing her talent with fans who adore her.  #Love it.

 Fearless was her first release

What would you do if you weren't afraid? 

Maybe I will create some Fearless jewelry.  

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