The Star in the Cottonwood Tree

The inspiration for Suzy Starz comes from hearing the Native American Legend as told by Mary Louise Defender Wilson of the star in the cottonwood tree.  

Suzy B heard this story told through the audio recording of Mary Louise Defender Wilson telling the story. During the 2005 reenactments of the Lewis and Clark expedition in North Dakota.

In spite of having a cottonwood tree growing in her own yard for over 13 years, Suzy did not know of the little star hidden in the cottonwood tree.   Suzy B was so touched by this story; the beauty and perfection of the star in the cottonwood tree she would share the story with her Girl Scout troops, her friends and relatives for years.  In sharing the story with her grandniece who had just moved to a home with several cottonwood trees, her grandniece, Serenity, challenged Suzy to design and create something from the cottonwood tree stars.  Suzy Starz jewelry was created. 

Cottonwood Tree Star

Tree of Life Tri Color