Summer Snow

Have you seen it snow in June?

It gently floats to the ground. On a day like today it could stick to your skin, or tickle your nose

or blanket your lawn. 

Mandan Lions Club Arboretum

It is here where you can see the Summer Snow in June.  Mandan Lions Park, Mandan ND

What is Summer Snow?

It is female.  It comes from Mother Earth. 

It is the bursting pods from the cottonwood tree, fluffy cotton.


Suzy B has captured and placed the forever Summer Snow in a tiny little glass bottle.  

On one side of the bottle is a little crystal. Summer Snow Necklace

On the other side is a the naturally perfectly formed cottonwood tree star, Suzy Starz.

Summer Snow Cottonwood Tree Star

The Native Americans knew of the star.  The legend of the curious little star in heaven longs to be near the people here on earth to be near to hear their kind words they say to one another, their beautiful music and their laughter.  The star has come down from heaven and now lives in the cottonwood tree, not just in Mandan, North Dakota but in all cottonwood trees throughout our great nation. 

Each Summer Snow necklace is packaged with a summary of the legend.


Share the Legend, Share the Summer Snow