Mary North Dakota

The latest Starz design is named for the Native American storyteller Mary Louise Defender Wilson.

Mary ND necklace

Mary and I had lunch together. We have much in common. She spread her  star sticks on the table and we talked about the love of the perfectly created star hidden in the twigs. 

Mary Louise Defender Wilson named 1999 NEA National Heritage Fellow

Hearing the story in 2005, touched my heart and inspired me to create my line of jewelry,  Suzy Starz. She showed me other jewelry she uses in telling her stories of the horse, the deer.

Pictured is Mary's jewelry set made using elk teeth she shares a story about deer

Mary would like to create earrings with the Starz because people hear with their ears. I create the  Suzy Starz with the star on the charm on the left side to be close to the wearer’s heart. Two people from different cultures coming together to share a positive uplifting story of the little star that comes down from heaven to be close to the people here on earth because of their beautiful music, their kind words and their laughter.

Bridging two cultures, I look forward to collaborating with Mary so more people will hear and be touched by the story of  the cottonwood tree star.

Suzy B and Mary; after the photo I presented her with the Mary ND necklace I had made for her.