Suzy Or Sharon are SOS.... Sisters of the Spoon
Sisters of the Spoon is a lifestyle vlog (a video blog). Suzy and Sharon are dishing it up, dishing it out to each other. Each sharing their own unique way of doing things, tips, how-tos, recipes and maybe some snowbirding tips. Suzy lives in North Dakota and Sharon lives in Minnesota, both snowbird in Florida.
About Shop SuzyB 
Pictured.....cut stars which naturally form in the cottonwood tree before they are placed in the Starz jewelry.

Shop SuzyB

Shop SuzyB is a North Dakota fashion accessories ECommerce wholesale and retail company featuring Pride of Dakota handcrafted products:

Suzy Shuze are repurposed high heels made to hold your bling (rings) or your things like business cards or your cell phone. The Shuze are bagged and bowed along with a clever saying about the Shuze.  Suzy Shuze were created out of the desire to sell rings from something other than a flat black tray; a more eye-catching displayer. So from a leopard high heel the first Shuze was created. Not only were they useful to sell rings they were awesome to use in your own home to place your rings and easily make a selection of which one to wear. The Thingz holder was added after encouragement from a niece; Candie suggested creating a Shuze to hold a cell phone. An open toed high heel was used so the cell phone or other electronic device would have a place for the cord for charging. Most can hold the Samsung Galaxy 4 or the Iphone 6s

Suzy Starz is jewelry featuring the naturally formed cottonwood tree star. Suzy harvests the twigs, cuts them and places them on a bead or on a charm, combines them with jewelry designs such as the tree of life symbol  to create beautiful necklaces and brooches. The Starz are packaged with a summary of the Native American legend of how the star came to be in the cottonwood tree.Starz were inspired by the story of Mary Louise Defender Wilson tells about the curious little star. Suzy told this story to her grand niece; Serenity. Serenity said "You should make something with them." So we did. The Starz jewelry collection was born from the extra nudge from Suzy's grandniece.

Suzy’s Shining Starz “This little Star of mine is gonna shine” as told by North Dakota Mary Louise Defender Wilson about a curious little star that hid in a cottonwood tree so it could always be near the people on earth and listen to their beautiful music, their laughter and the kind words they say to one another. These little “starz” which have fallen from the sky and landed beneath Suzy’s cottonwood tree have been placed so they can be near your heart and continue to live on in these little gems sharing their little light no longer hidden in the tree but for all to see. (No trees were harmed in making this jewelry; the branches were naturally shed by the tree)©2010  Learn more by clicking on this link

ScKappez name is Sc is for scarf; Kappe is the Norwegian spelling of cape. Suzy's grandfather traveled from Norway and established a farmstead here in North Dakota so she thought it was fitting to use and the z is because Suzy likes using z's instead of s's in her product lines. Suzy has cut not sewn a piece of fabric to be used as a must have fashion accessory.   A  Sckappez can be worn as a scarf, a cape, a vest, a tunic or a sarong. Sckappez is cut not sewn from stretchy, slinky fashion knit fabric, machine washable, hang dry.  Sckappez fits most misses sizes small to women's 3x.  It length is cut for 5'3" or taller.  A video shows a few favorite ways to wear:  

ShopSuzyB also features rings.  Coming soon.... High Heel Wine Shuze and other fun wine accessories. 

Do you have a boutique, shop or website? If you would like the wholesale code please email us at Many of the designs pictured are available at wholesale prices and for dropshipping.

Do you have a charity or organization looking for a fundraiser? Starz are a great way to earn money for your organization. For details please contact Suzy at:
on twitter @suzyshuzenstarz

Shipping Information: All orders are shipped by US Postal Service